Buy and sell options for Ordinals


📢Unlock the value of your listed Ordinals by creating and selling options.

Collect premium instead of letting sit idle.


📢Bypass high-risk mid-tier mints. Instead, opt for Ordicalls at a fraction of the cost.

If the collection pumps, you have two choices: invest in the Ordinal and you're 'in the money' from the get-go, or flip your Ordicall for a profit.


Delist & Vault Your Ordinal

Firstly, remove your idle NFT from the marketplace where it isn't generating any profits due to its high price. Instead, store it in a secured Vault.


Set the Strike and Expiration

Choose the 'Strike' - the price at which you'd be willing to sell your Ordinal. After this, set the 'Expiration', which is the time frame during which the option holder has the right to buy your Ordinal.


Sell Your Option and Earn Premium

Lastly, sell your option on the market and collect the 'Premium', the price of the option. The owner of this option has the right, but not the obligation, to buy your NFT at the predetermined Strike price. However, this right is valid only until the Expiration date.


Importantly, even if the option holder doesn't exercise their right to buy your NFT and the option expires, you still get to keep the Premium. This allows you to generate yield on your idle Ordinal, making it productive, rather than having it unprofitably listed on a marketplace.

Put your Ordinal to work rather than having it sit idle on a marketplace.

"Ordicalls allowed me to monetize my Ordinals like never before. With their efficient option trading, my idle Ordis are now income generators!"

Angel Cunningham

"Unreal! I've managed to turn my high-value Ordinals from mere collectibles into productive assets using Ordicalls' secure and intuitive system. It's a game-changer"

Carolyn Bush

"I was skeptical at first, but the return on my premium proved me wrong. Ordicalls' solution to make Ordinals yield-producing is brilliant. Definitely a must-try for all Ordinal owners!"
Angel Cunningham
"Turning my idle Ordinals into a source of income has been a breeze with Ordicalls. The option trading mechanism is seamless and highly profitable. Can't recommend it enough!"
Carolyn Bush

Boost Profits with Ordicalls

Owners, activate your Ordinal with Ordicalls and collect premiums instead of letting sit idle.

Traders, opt for Ordicalls and profit instantly from collection boost or flip at a fraction of the risk.

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